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Roseur Fine Roses

a fresh gifting experience



Reduced to cellophane wrappers, the lowest common denominator of flowers, namely roses has taken over. The team behind Roseur believed it was worth reinvigorating this most beloved symbol.

They decided to craft an experience to redefine floral gifting based on the belief gifting is a pure form of self-expression – deserving the world's finest care. 

After testing over 50 rose species, only four standouts were chosen as the foundation of the Roseur Standard, reclaiming the rose's modernity and dispelling the uninviting perception. 


The Art of Roseur

To position Roseur as a leader in the industry, Sarah's concept celebrated the art of self-expression and turned for inspiration to the connection between fine art and culture. This translated into a unique floral gifting box setting the stage for Roseur as a leader in the floral niche.


Of the Earth

To create a fresh perspective, the rose was reconsidered in its most elemental form. The visual system was formed from a cellular view. The icon is a reference to the genetic make up of the flower while naming was influenced by ancient organic chemistry. Reference to the unique properties in the soil of South America created a grounding for the brand messaging and further inspiration for the design. 


A One-of-A-Kind Gift

Sarah conceived a unique way to package a bouquet of roses by reinventing the box in several forms. In addition, each gift was carefully wrapped and the experience was completed with a handwritten gift card, personalizing the experience and reminding us of the beauty of individuality.


"My experience with Roseur exceeded my expectations. It was second to none – I describe the experience as exquisite."

Mignon H. 

Making Gifting Personal

  • Elegant Gift-Wrapping Ritual

  • Personalized Packages

  • Liquid Rose Food Vials

  • Handwritten Gift Cards

  • Freshness Guarantee

  • Next-Day Delivery

  • Aftercare Guide