a new company
for a spirited trademark


Branding, Strategy, Creative Direction, Naming

From chants to change

The owner of a trademark for the iconic Australian chant "Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi" had a problem. It wanted to utilize the phrase in a genuine way and faced the challenge of building a reputation that would resonate with sports fans throughout the country. The concept would have to be distinctly refreshing and ignite pride and passion. Sarah conducted interviews with Olympic athletes and sports fans to understand what would bringing to life the essence of the chant. In close collaboration with current and former Olympic Athletes, Sarah created AussieOi – a vibrant brand that would define what it means to be a true blue Fan of Australia.


It's All Fan-Fair

Sarah crafted a new brand vision: We're All Fans of Australia. Grounded in the values of "sportsmanship" and "strength" the brand conveys AussieOi's celebratory spirit and relentless pursuit of goals, driving growth through programs created to benefit developing athletes and sports fans alike. The brand story encourages individuals to push boundaries, nurture personal journeys, and let their spirits soar. 


A Name to Call Home

After considering over 50 possible names and abbreviations, AussieOi surfaced. Its name takes the company's iconic foundation and gives it a refreshing update. By shortening the chant it became a familiar phrase that resonated with the local population and always ended in a smile or an "oi, oi, oi".


The Bold and The Brave

To help people stand up and take notice of something they are so used to seeing, Sarah designed a bright, dynamic identity to match its forward-thinking vision. The green and yellow were retained, but updated to a brighter palette. The logo and kangaroo icon were drawn in a dynamic way to signify movement, energy and progression to a limitless future. 



After establishing a new brand, name and identity, Sarah developed an athlete funding platform called "Back-A-Mate". A dynamic tool to encourage engagement in every level of an athletes journey for support and fellowship with fans. Freeing athletes from a solitary pursuit of their goals, it fostered community support and national pride.